For Camporall we are bringing our climbing wall and teaching the Webelos “Scout Knowledge”. We will only be camping overnight on Friday – it’s very close at Irvine Lake. I need adults to volunteer to bring and setup the climbing wall Friday evening and take it down Saturday late afternoon. I also need adults to assist in leading this event….if you or your son can only attend part of the time I understand. Sports, Band, and other school activities are in full swing. This will be considered a mandatory event for the Troop so please come Tuesday night able to sign up and commit. For teaching Scout Knowledge we are going to teach the Boy Scout emblem and Oath via two methods.

The first will be a chant or cadence call also known as a “Jody call.” I have asked our SPL and ASPL to lead the effort in creating the Jody Calls. This will be a hoot if you have ever listened to anything created by these two.

The second method will be illustrated posters that we might attach to the climbing wall as the Webelos learn while climbing…. Again very fun.

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Posted on October 17, 2014 in Outings

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